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Old collections, new ideas and ways to follow up in the list of corporate gifts.

Want to expand or promote your business? Then you will need to win the hearts of your employees by gifting them gifts-work creation best and high-quality products.

We have a large number of products and also we add new arrivals. At this time, we have added some new and daily use products.

 They are -
·        Foldable Beach Mat's -
·        Foldable beach mats are for camping on the beach, but it is necessary that the mat we are using is sand, water and dust resistant.
·        Our foldable beach mates are made up of polyester and it is water and sand resistant. It is also easily folded and handy. Our Foldable mat comes with an inflatable pillow. The best thing to carry for the camping. Gifts work also have attractive pattern foldable beach mat.

·        Cutlery sets an add-on to your dining table. Cutlery has its own beauty of charm and it's really add-on beauty to your dining table.
·        Gifts work has the wide range of fascinating forks, spoons and knives for your need. It helps in adding elegance to your dining experience.
·        These cutlery sets are crafted beautifully and you will get compliments from your employees.


Gifts work creation provides a wide range of umbrellas like Straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, double ribs umbrella, golf umbrella, reversed umbrella, Rainbow umbrella, vinyl umbrella, beach umbrella, kid's umbrella, lover umbrella, wood umbrella, promotional umbrella, advertising umbrella etc.
·        Customized size
·        Shaft made up of - Steel, aluminium, Fibreglass
·        Ribs made up of - Titanium-aluminium
·        Handle made up of - clarity plastic, aluminium, rubber, latex, leather
·        Fabric Painting - chameleon (colour-changeable fabric), pongee, sateen, nylon.
·        Colours - Wide range of colours & different shapes.

We at gifts work creation team believe in supplying genuine & top corporate gifts items to our clients.

Gifts work creation has a large number of trusted clients. For products related information visit our page:-


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